GK Questions for Class 6

  1. What is the unit of luminous intensity ?
    Answer: Candela
  2. Which famous writer is known as Father of Snow Golf ?
    Answer: Rudyard K
  3. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution ?
    Answer: 12
  4. Which planet is known as Red planet ?
    Answer: Mars
  5. In which country is Barail range located?
    Answer:- India.
  6. Which State in India has the broadest continental shelf?
    Answer:- Gujarat.
  7. Which is the wettest place in India?
    Answer:- Mawsynram.
  8. Which is area with annual rainfall less than 500 cm in a year?
    Answer:- Leh in Kashmir.
  9. How much average annual rainfall is experienced in the Rayilsema?
    Answer:- About below 60 cm.
  10. The distance between the northern most point in Kashmir and Kanyakumari covers about how many latitudes?
    Answer:- 300 Latitude.
  11. Seacoast of which state is the longest?
    Answer:- Gujarat.
  12. Which range of Himalayas is know for hill stations?
    Answer:- Himachal.
  13. Which is east of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
    Answer:- Indonesia.
  14. What is the difference between IST and GMT?
    Answer:- 5 hours 30 minutes.
  15. In which island of India is an active volcano found?
    Answer:- Barren Island.
  16. Kula, Kufri, Kajjair and Dalhousie are all tourists place of which state?
    Answer:- Himachal Pradesh.
  17. Which two river meet and form the largest delta in the world?
    Answer:- Ganga-Brahmaputra.
  18. Which region has the highest variability of rainfall?
    Answer:- Gujarat.
  19. The areas where monthly rainfall during October to December ranges 10 cm to 30 cm fall in which state?
    Answer:- Jammu and Kashmir.
  20. In which valley is the Himalayan pass Shipki La located?
    Answer:- Sutlej valley.
  21. Macmohan Line demarcates the boundary between which countries?
    Answer:- India and China.
  22. Which latitude passes through India?
    Answer:- Tropic of Cancer.
  23. Which river does not form any delta at its mouth?
    Answer:- Tapti and Narmada.
  24. Penganga, Wardha and Wainganga are the tributaries of which river?
    Answer:- Godavari.
  25. Which lake in India has the highest water salinity?
    Answer:- Sambhar.
  26. Which station has maximum annual range of temperature?
    Answer:- Delhi.
  27. Which are two coldertmenths in the northern part of India?
    Answer:- December, January.
  28. Which is the State having the highest rainfall by North-East Monsoon?
    Answer:- Tamil Nadu.
  29. During winter North-western part of India gets rainfall from which side?
    Answer:- Western disturbances.
  30. What is the national flower of Pakistan ?
  31. Answer: Jasmine
  32. What is the scientific name of Cockroach ?
    Answer: Periplaneta Americana
  33. What is the unit of luminous intensity ?
    Answer: Candela
  34. What is the unit of pressure?
    Answer: Pascal
  35. What is the unit of magnetic field?
    Answer: Tesla
  36. Which European countries are separated by Market Reef ?
    Answer: Finland and Sweden
  37. Market reef Gk questions
  38. Who is the author of Panchtantra ?
    Answer: Vishnu Sharma
  39. Which is the coldest planet in solar system ?
    Answer: Neptune
  40. The Rourkela Steel Plant in Odisha was built with the collaboration of _____ ?
    Answer: Germany
  41. The Durgapur Steel Plant in West Bengal was built with the collaboration of _____ ?
    Answer: Britain
  42. The Bhilai Steel Plant in Chattisgarh was built with the collaboration of _____ ?
    Answer: Russia
  43. Who is the first and only Muslim lady ever to rule the throne of Delhi ?
    Answer: Razia Sultana
  44. Who composed the national anthem of Bangladesh (Amar sona bangla) ?
  45. Answer: Rabindranath Tagore
  46. Who wrote the book Planned economy for India ?
  47. Answer: M. Visvesvaraya (He is known as father of Indian planning, his birthday September 15 isobserved as Engineer’s Day in India )
  48. Which is the oldest sports in the world ?
  49. Answer: Archery ( It is the national sports of Bhutan)
  50. What is the normal duration of Hockey game ?Answer: 70 Minue
  51. Which Minor Rock Edict of Asoka describes the conquest of Kalinga by Asoka ?
    Answer: No. XIII (13)
  52. Who is the author of Joy of Numbers ?
    Answer: Shakuntala Devi
  53. Who is the creator of the painting The Potato Eaters ?
    Answer: Vincent van Gogh
  54. Folketing is the parliament of which country ?
    answer: Denmark
  55. What s the chemical name of Lime stone ?
    Answer: Calcium Carbonate
  56. Zero degree centigrade equal to _________ degree Fahrenheit ?
    Answer: 32
  57. Zero Kelvin in Kelvin scale is equal to ____________degree Celsius in Celsius scale ?
    Answer: -273.5 Degree Celsius
  58. Madhya Pradesh shares its border with how many states?
    Answer:- 5.
  59. Which is the state that is top in the cultivation of flowers?
    Answer:- Tamil Nadu.
  60. Which region has the oldest rocks?
    Answer:- Aravallis.
  61. Which river emerges from Amarkantak plateau in Madhya Pradesh?
    Answer:- Narmada.
  62. Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Mussorie lies in which state?
    Answer:- Uttrakhand.
  63. The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer long?
    Answer:- 2,500 KM.
  64. Which longitudes determines the Indian Standard Time?
    Answer:- 82.5°E.
  65. Which is the oldest mountain range in India?
    Answer:- Aravali.
  66. The small and marginal farmers will get irrigation facilities through which plan?
    Answer:- Ganga Kalyan Yojna.
  67. In India, what is the main limiting factor for cultivation?
    Answer:- Indequacy of water supply.
  68. Which state is the largest producer of black pepper in India?
    Answer:- Kerala.
  69. Jhum cultivation is a method of cultivation which is used to be practiced in which state?
    Answer:- Nagaland.
  70. Which is not an important plantation crop of India?
    Answer:- Grapes.
  71. Which cause rainfall in the north-western parts of India during Winter Season?
    Answer:- Western disturbances.
  72. South west monsoon contributes to India’s total rainfall upto the extent of how many percentages?
    Answer:- 80-90 percent.
  73. Which is the highest peak in Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
    Answer:- Saddle Peak.
  74. At where do the Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet?
    Answer:- Nilgiri Hills.
  75. On the basis of rainfall patterns, India has been divided into how many number of rainfall regions?
    Answer:- 62.
  76. If you want to visit sambhar lake, to which state you will go?
    Answer:- Rajasthan.
  77. When the top layer of the soil is removed over a large area by running water, what is it called?
    Answer:- Sheet erosion.
  78. Of the gross cropped area in India, the food grains occupy howmany percentages?
    Answer:- 60 to 70 percent.
  79. Which crop are grain with the on set of mansoon and are harvested in September-October?
    Answer:- Kharif.
  80. Which state leads in the production of maize?
    Answer:- Punjab.
  81. Which Pairs is the highest peak of India?
    Answer:- Kanchanjungha.
  82. Which city lies to the western most longitudes?
    Answer:- Jaipur.
  83. Which is the capital of the Union Territory of Dadra and Nagar Haveli?
    Answer:- Silvassa.
  84. Kanchipuram is in which state?
    Answer:- Tamil Nadu.
  85. In Thornthwaite’s scheme of classification of climate, what does ‘E’ indicate in the context of India?
    Answer:- Arid climate.
  86. Which region does not receive much rainfall in the south-west monsoon season?
    Answer:- Eastern Himalayas.
  87. Which state receives rainfall from north-east monsoons?
    Answer:- Tamil Nadu.
  88. Which is considered to cause an adverse of effect on Indian monsoon?
    Answer:- El-nino.
  89. In which district is the highest point of Eastern Ghats located?
    Answer:- Visakhapatnam.
  90. Among the States of India, which one has the oldest rock formations in the country?
    Answer:- Karnataka.
  91. The Himalayas are formed of parallel fold ranges, which is the oldest range?
    Answer:- the Great Himalayas Range.
  92. Which country has the longest international boundary with India?
    Answer:- Bangladesh.
  93. India is the seventh largest country in the world and how much area does it cover approximately?
    Answer:- 32,00,000 sq. km.
  94. How much percent land area of India is covered by plains?
    Answer:- 43.3.
  95. Which state is with the largest area under waste land?
    Answer:- Jammu and Kashmir.
  96. ‘Syntaxial Bent’ is a feature of which range?
    Answer:- Himalayas.
  97. Which city will never get the vertical rays of the Sun?
    Answer:- Srinagar.
  98. In terms of area, India is which largest country of the world?
    Answer:- Seventh.
  99. The Karakoram Highway connects which pair of countries?
    Answer:- China-Pakistan.
  100. What is the approximate length of the coast-line of India?
    Answer:- 6,000 km.
  101. Among the Union Territories of India, which one has the largest size?
    Answer:- Puducherry.
  102. Which correct sequence of places going from the east to the west of India?
    Answer:- Jorhat, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Rajkot.
  103. The Himalyas are approximately how many kilometer broad?
    Answer:- 150 to 400.
  104. How many islands of India are located in the Bay of Bengal?
    Answer:- 204.
  105. The Himalayas consist of how many main parallel ranges from north to south?
    Answer:- Three.
  106. How much percentage land areas of India is covered by mountains?
    Answer:- 10.7
  107. Driest areas of India which lie in Rajasthan have howmuch average annual rainfall?
    Answer:- Less than 1 cm.

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