How to answer Reading Comprehension Questions Quickly


  • Reading comprehension is somewhere we can score more marks in less, if we exactly know how to solve it.
  • Leaving RC in the examination is absolute foolishness because this is where we can score marks without using knowledge
  1. Skimming through the passage
  • The first thing to do is having a quick glance at the passage
  • We don’t have to read the passage letter by letter
  • Just skim through the the passage as fast as you can
  • You should not spend must time doing it.
  • Checkout the questions before going through the passage
  • Going through all the questions with options should be done first
  • If we do this first we can find answers for direct questions without any difficulties
  • Having an idea of answering all the questions in reading comprehension is mere foolishness
  • RC have roughly five types of questions:
  1. Theme based
  2. Deduction based
  3. Direct
  4. Vocab based
  5. Identifying the correct/incorrect statements
  • Leaving the theme based and deduction based questions would be the best option as it consumes a lot of time and attention
  • Direct questions are easier as we can search for the same words in the passage
  • Vocab based would be easy if we have good skill in vocabulary
  • Identifying the correct/incorrect depends on the passage. If the passage is clumpy and typical solving this would be a difficult.
  1. Working on our skills while we can
  • This is entirely in our hands. You got work on RC a lot to solve it without difficulties
  • Solving a number a passages would help you to solve it easily in the examination

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