How to Crack SBI PO or Clerk Exam in First attempt


The SBI Probationary Officer and SBI Clerk exam is one of the most popular exams conducted in India.

In this year selection process of the SBI clerk will have 3 stages.

They are

1. Preliminary exam

2. Main exam

3. Interview

The succeed in all of the stages it is essential for the candidate to perform consistently. This is only possible with the help of a strategy to crack SBI clerk exam.

  • Getting basic knowledge is sufficient enough to get a brief idea about the topic.
  • Focus on every section, because every section have(20 minutes) sectional timings.
  • In this year SBI notification says “no minimum qualifying marks for individual subjects.
  • This entire exam is MCQ [multiple choice question] based hence there is a requirement of time management.
  • The candidates need to answer more questions in less time. This is only possible if you have done practice for the exam.
  • Quantitative will be answered by a lot of calculation’s.
  • The lengthy questions can’t be skipped, if we want to gain high marks.


  • First we know which topics included in the SBI clerk syllabus.
  • Once you have an idea about the syllabus, you have to create a time table and stick to it.
  • Spend more time on subjects, which we are weak.
  • Reading regularly newspapers.
  • Quantitative aptitude section has formulas, these formulas practice regularly.
  • Improve your time management skills.
  • Revise regularly.


Probationary officer job is something many people want to be in now-a-days. But if is not easy to become a PO as the competition is very tough. Getting selected as a PO in IBPS is easier when compared with SBI. And the compensation is more for SBI PO than for IBPS PO.

Let us discuss about how to crack SBI PO exam.

SBI conducts 3 tiers of tests to select probationary officer.

Tier -I Which is also called Preliminary Exam.

Tier-II i.e., Mains and Descriptive.

Tier-III is Group discussion/ Interview.

Lets see how to get qualified in prelims

Tier -I consists of three sections,

  1. Quantitative aptitude
  2. Reasoning
  3. English
  • The time duration for prelims is just 1 hour, aptitude is something related to mathematics and requires much practise even if you have good skills in maths as the time durations is less.
  • Practising more and more would help you in doing calculations faster which consumes less time and you gains extra time to solve some problems in which you weak.
  • Learning some squares, cubes, tables would help you do calculations faster.
  • When if comes to reasoning this is not much difficult when compared to the other two sections.
  • Not much difficult doesn’t mean that this is easy.
  • It means that you don’t spend that much time you do on aptitude and English.
  • The key point to score more in reasoning is to solve the puzzles at last even though you are good at them.
  • Because, puzzles consume more time to solve. Rather than solving a puzzle try another problems and you can gains more as the other problems do not need more time than puzzles.
  • English is probably the toughest sections compared to the other two. Many people score more marks in aptitude and reasoning but still get disqualified because of their less scored in English.
  • In my point of view English is not difficult if we know how to prepare for it.
  • Vocabulary plays a key note in English. Reading newspapers and nothing down the meanings of unknown words would help in reading comprehension, synonyms, antonyms etc., which will cover the major part.

Tier II (or) Mains:-

This phase II of SBI PO than consists of 4 sections.

  1. Reasoning & aptitude
  2. Data analysis & interpretation
  3. General awareness / banking Awareness
  4. English language.
  • We have already discussed about reasoning, aptitude and English.
  • Data analysis & interpretation is nothing but analysing the figures given and answering the questions, which is not difficult if we practise a number of problems.
  • General awareness and banking awareness compire, of questions on current affairs and simple banking forms.
  • Current affairs of last three months is enough for general awareness. Banking awareness not a difficult topic and can be completed easily.


  • Qualifying in tier-I completes 60% of the task which requires time management time management implies managing the time in the required sections correctly.
  • This is attained by practising a number of problems in various models.
  • Attempting a number of mock test will help managing time.
  • After each test we should note down the problems which we cannot solve and practise them daily which helps in covering our weak points.
  • Making a list of all formulas and shortcuts in each chapter and going through them daily helps a lot of remember the concept.

Author : Mr. Abdul Hafeez. Shaik

Founder and Director: Masters Academy

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About the Author: Masters Academy

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